Dear Offline Marketer,

When it comes to generating new Offline clients, you need as many lead capture methods as you can get if you want to STAND OUT...

You've probably noticed that infographics have gained MASSIVE popularity over the past few years... and that's because image-based content is a great way to grab attention and relay information.

In fact, some studies show that 90% of the information we retain is based on VISUAL content.

Most people have short attention-spans these days and would prefer to "scan" online content than read long stretches of written text.

So having your own set of professional infographics can put you a step ahead of your competitors...

Why are Infographics so Powerful?

  • Visually Appealing With Colors and Images that Naturally Grab Attention
  • Help You Get Your Points Across Quickly
  • Easily Shareable and Can Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog
  • Can Keep Website and Blog Visitors More Engaged
  • Perfect Visual Educational Tool
  • EFFECTIVE in Moving Readers to TAKE ACTION
  • Give You INSTANT EXPERT Status & Build TRUST

But the PROBLEM Is...

  • Creating Your Own Infographics Is NOT EASY
  • Paying Someone To Custom-Create Infographics For You Is EXPENSIVE ($200+ for ONE)
  • If You Want Editing Rights, You Will Pay Even MORE for Your Infographics

Wouldn't It Be SO Much EASIER to Have a
Done-For-You Solution?


We have removed ALL of the stress...  saving you a lot of TIME and a lot of MONEY.

These 5 ready-to-go PLR infographics will take some of the pressure off of your lead generation efforts.

The best part is that you are getting it at a FRACTION OF THE COST of what you would pay to have someone custom-create it for you...

Just edit the content however you want, add your name to it, and let it work for you 24/7 on complete AUTO-PILOT...


5 Professional & Eye-Catching
"Top 10 Tips" PLR Infographics

ig all

This Volume 2 is a brand new set of PLR infographics that were created to give local business owners marketing "Tips" and to help you generate new leads - the titles are:

- Top 10 Local SEO Tips for Local Businesses

- Top 10 Blogging Tips for Local Businesses

- Top 10 Mobile Website Tips for Local Businesses

- Top 10 Customer Loyalty Tips for Local Businesses

- Top 10 Lead Generation Tips for Local Businesses

These infographics are ready to use right out of the box... or you can edit them however you want and INSTANTLY establish credibility as a Online Marketing Specialist!


You will receive all of the content on the infographics in a text document in case you want to use it for other purposes...

mag graph

PSD Files Included for the Infographics and Written Text Doc Comes in  MS Word (.doc) , OpenOffice (.odt)
and Notepad (.txt) Formats for EASY Editing!

Ideas for Using These Infographics:

  • Upload them to your website or blog
  • Publish them on Pinterest, Facebook, or other social media sites to send traffic to your website
  • Add your name, logo, and contact details - or simply use as-is right out of the box
  • Edit and customize the content any way you want
  • ... and MORE


5 Done-for-You Whiteboard Animation PLR Videos

wb all

You will also receive 5 Whiteboard Animation Videos containing the 10 main tips covered in each infographic!

These are also ready to go right out of the box... or you can brand the end of them with your name and contact details.

Each video comes with a professional music background... AND you will also get a silent copy of each video so you can add any music track you want... or even a voice over.





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So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Having this package of content custom-created would cost you $1,000+.

But you won't have to pay that today...

My goal with this offer is to OVER-DELIVER


To Your Success!

Kim Udell & The Offline Marketing PLR Club

P.S. If you're looking for a REAL way to generate more leads for your offline business, this package is PERFECT for newbies AND experts alike. All you need to do is put this pack into action and let it do some of the heavy-lifting for you.

P.P.S. The price will not stay this low for long, so now is the time to take advantage of this CRAZY deal!

Your Rights for This Package:[YES] Can Use for Personal Use[YES] Can Add Your Name and Claim Ownership to Use with Offline
Businesses[YES] Can Edit the Written Content Any Way You Want[YES] Can Use to Create Other Types of Content[NO] Cannot Give Sell Private Label Rights or Resell Rights[NO] Cannot Give Away to Other Internet Marketers[NO] Cannot Sell in Any Way to Other Internet Marketers